"Tomorrow I will be here exactly one week in a city that is much too big for me and I don't believe in any of it..."

Diary entries, dream sequences and reflections in texts and photographs fragmentarily document the story of a traveler accompanied by chance and the urgent need for change. She lands in New York and is caught by the rhythm and a dizzying speed. As if in a frenzy, she moves through the city, which sometimes seems enormously open and friendly, but then closes itself off to her and becomes a stranger.

"She is a psychologist. She had captured and reflected me before I had captured and reflected her myself..."

After a month, she does not fly back as planned, but gets on a journey across America. A road trip. Because everything is in change, in constant movement, her images are a form of appropriation of the world, an attempt to own something for the short period of her existence. Her freedom.

The visual power of the photographs and the beat of the language take the viewer on a journey into the indeterminate. The artist book is published in a special edition of five copies with a signed artist print by Jana Nowack.

Text/Photographs: Jana Nowack

Graphic design: Joachim Bartsch, Berlin

Typeface: Fact 

Printing: Thomas Verlag und Druckerei GmbH

Paper: Focus Art Natural 150g, 100g

Edition: 50

Special Edition with artist print: 5, signed with artist print

Copyright 2022