2014- 2018


Jana Nowack is the founder of the exhibition space KN and a co-founder of the artist collective KN - Space for Art in Context. From 2014-2015, Sabine Weier and her were KN’s directors, followed by Carleen Coulter. Nowack curated and co-curated exhibitions, concerts and magazine parties at KN until its closure in 2018. 

KN, was an open project space for artists, musicians, writers, and activists and was located at the intersection of art and its political and social contexts. Founded in 2014 in Schöneberg, KN’s moved later to its new home in Kreuzberg and provided a working space for members of the community, a presentation space for visual and interdisciplinary work, and a performance space for events.

As a member-supported and volunteer-run organization, KN’s primary mission was it to foster a meeting place where traditional creative roles are reimagined, where the culture industry is challenged, and where new concepts of art-making were shared. Collaborative events ranged from readings to discussion groups, classes, interactive performances, and exhibitions. As an experimental project space, KN’s primary mission was it foster a meeting place where people can work outside of Berlin’s traditional culture industry to share their knowledge and experiences. At KN, artists became curators, curators became musicians, writers makes movies, and community members experiment with new forms of expression.

Founding members: 

Katie Armstrong, Patrick Krawczykowski, Vivian Kvitka, Jana Nowack, Sophia Schiller, Onika Simon, Sabine Weier, Sebastian Weier 

Later joined

Carleen Coulter, Amanda Clark, Vanessa Gravenor, Kika Jonsson, Rebecca Rukeyser


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