"There will always be more things in a closed, than in an open, box. To verify images kills them, and it is always more enriching to imagine than to experience."

Mistake or Miracle? is a collaborative project between artist Jana Nowack and writer Dayna Gross. The images and lyrics explore something of the beyond - beyond the concrete, beyond the material, beyond thought and beyond this planet. While the spark of this work was ignited off the blank canvas of a snow-filled Scandinavian landscape, it very slowly and very quietly matured into, well, what can we say? something very mysterious within the void of an infinite nothingness. To be honest, we stopped trying to make sense of it all as soon as we realized we were migrating through the fragility of this very uncertain century. The rest, as always, is up for interpretation. 

Special edition: 

20 books, signed with artist print

Photographs: Jana Nowack

Poems: Dayna Gross

Graphic design: Meeusontwerpt, Amsterdam 

Typeface: Avara, Velvetyne open source type foundry 

Printing: Booxs | Wihabo, NL 

Paper: Arctic Volume White 150 gr,

Caribic (schwarz & apricot) 170 gr,

Paper Cover: Arctic Volume White 350 gr

Edition: 100

Special Edition with artist print: 20

ISBN 978-3-00-070325-6

Copyright 2022