“Jana Nowack’s photographs shine with artistry and intelligence. How she captures atmospheric light diffuses her images with tension or foreboding.They are the beginning, middle or end of a short story left to the viewer to narrate. Her abstractions, transforming the photographed world, are experiments in color and light that create new visual worlds for the viewer to contemplate.“ 

Gerald Oppenheimer, City University of New York

Her photographs, videos and sculptures are experiments using the content and aesthetic potential of material. She aims to investigate our experience through images, questioning their meaning, elevating the magic and mystery of often overlooked details.These are journeys of realisation. Nowack invites us to look through the windows of her perception, where time is like poetry, standing infinitely still, or passing by. All illuminated by a strange light. In her work, dreamy imagery calls out to us from a place slightly outside of our shared “reality,” a place of unconsciousness. “ Phoebe Now